Traffic systems :Signal light for road emergency woarning LL122

Signal light for road emergency woarning

ll122 new designed signal lights is a multipurpose road emergency warning lights, can be easily carry and operate.
It featrues high bright led bulb ,compact construction, small size, tough and durable. Work in rainy weather without leak.It can be put on the vehicle with the extraordinary magnet base or placing on the road without worry the car come over it.



Main Features:

1. PC circuit  container covered by a rubber anti-shock PVC protection, with white refracting labels
2. 3 Neodymium magnet  base
3. 40 very bright  LED (24 on the circumference + 16 frontal)
4. 12 dc battery charger incorporated
5. Double luminous function,  blinking light (triple flash) to indicate an emergency state and continuous light as an optical signal
6. The electronic circuit is completely immersed in a two component epoxy resin and is therefore completely waterproof. It continues to work in rainy conditions with no change in function.
7. Ni-MH 6V 2000 mAh rechargeable battery . Waterproof battery compartment. Battery replacement is possible when completely exhausted.
8. Recharge systems lodged inside carrying boxes, cabled for vehicle recharge by means of a cable and cigarette lighter socket Recharge with electricity supply 230V by means of mains feeders.
9. Can be run over by vehicles without broken.





Asking price: 285 (GBP).


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