Traffic systems :Overloaded trucks detection TS 699

TS 699



This innovative combination of systems enables automatic recording and detection of overloaded vehicles or driving over the authorised speed limit.
A huge improvement in identifying and prohibiting these vehicles has been achieved.
As a result, road safety is improved along with fair competition with law-abiding operators.
Moreover, long term management of the roads based on accurate figures is now possible.


Programming and results processing

- Flow:      error less than 1%
- Speed and categories:    error less than 5%
- Total weight:    error less than 10%

Direct programming for full site configuration: position, number of lanes, detection criteria…
MEMORY CAPACITY :Up to 2,000,000 vehicles.

Data is collected via an Optic Fibre, 3G+ and ADSL network …
Real time display of individual data.



 Price upon request.

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