Rechargeable Battery :Lead Acid Battery

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Key features:

1. Long service life: 6 to 12 years design:
AGM type:6-8 years
Deep cycle AGM type:8-10 year
Gel type:10-12 year
2. Low self-discharge: at the ambient temperature 25C, self-discharge rate is less than 1.8% after 28 days storage
3. Sufficient capacity: guarantee 100% capacity; voltage and capacity of the battery is accordant
4. Maintenance-free operation
5. Good electric conductivity: adopting red copper with silver plated patent terminal, it allows the battery discharge with high current
6. Good charge acceptance performance: so the charge acceptance of the battery is more efficient, the charge time for battery is shorter; the capacity is easier and quicker to be recovered
7. Safe and reliable venting system can eliminate the danger of explosion under large pressure
8. Good sealing capability: No pollution and corrosion, which ensure the battery, operate safely and efficiently in horizontal and vertical position. The sealed construction can combine the generated gas to water, and no need to add water or check their specific gravity during the life of the battery
9. No memory effect after repetitious usage or discharges 


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