Rechargeable Battery :Ni Ca Battery


Nickel-cadmium pocket plate batteries are designed to meet different discharge (back up) time requiremnts.They are classified into three types:

High Discharge Rate(KPH)              Discharge periods of less than 60 minutes

Medium Discharge Rate(KPM)       Discharge periods of more than 60 minutes

Low Discharge Rate(KPL)              Discharge periods of more than 120 minutes

Performance of NI-CD battery

Low rate nickel-cadmium pocket plate cell are suitable for 0.1-0.5C5A current discharges; the medium rate

NI CD cell is preferred to 0.5-3.5C5A current discharge and the high rate NI CD cell is suitable for rates higher than 3.5C5A

Why choose us?

TSSE is a professional Nickel Cadmium battery manufacturer with over 30 year's history, the annual output of the NI CD battery amounts to 300 million Ah.  All of our products have been certified by CE / IEC60623 / ISO9001/CRCC international authentication.



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