Mobile Field Kitchen :Model: TSSE – 955G

Quick and tasty catering in the field

A solid and reliable burner system is key – even under extreme climatic conditions with insufficient infrastructure

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Germany
Army green or UN white: as customer requirement

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: bulk in the container

Decisive benefits

  • All boiling, frying and baking pans are designed in accordance with the GASTRONORM container system to DIN 66075.
  • The most modern techniques can be used, i.e. from biological cooking to pressure roasting.
  • Compact construction means optimum mobility for frontline and support troops: For transport in difficult terrain, by road, rail or ship, as a suspended load on the Chinook helicopter and as an external load for the frontline.
  • Pressure boiling pan, pressure fryer, hot-water boiler, oven and all lids are made of drawn stainless steel (18 % Cr, 10% Ni) with smooth contoured corners (small drawing radii) to make them very easy to clean.
  • The pressure boiling pan, frying/baking centers and tea-maker are independent systems which can be removed from the kitchen block as complete assemblies with the tools provided

Diesel burners are undoubtedly the safest for field kitchens.

The heart of every field kitchen burns completely odorless and without taste. The burner can be fuelled by diesel, heating oil, kerosene or paraffin and produces a 140 °C (2550 °F) flame.

The independent burner is made completely of corrosion-proof materials and can also be used as a separate unit outside the field kitchen.

Thermo port (insulated GASTRONORM food containers)

Hot tasty meals are extremely important to every soldier. A new generation of GASTRONORM food carrying systems has been developed to ensure that this requirement is also met on the front line. The Thermo port for GN 1/1, 2 x 1/2, 3 x 1/3 makes efficient distribution of food to troops possible, from a patrol (8 – 15 men) up to a battalion (400 – 600 men).

Two cooks can prepare a complete meal for 250 persons in only two hours. In an emergency, it is possible to supply at least 1000 people with simple dishes in the same time.


Ability: Supply of 250 persons within 2hours.

Main function: Boil, frying, roasting, steaming, water heating

Weight: Gross Weight - 2500 kg

Dimensions: Overall length - 4170 mm, Overall width - 2160 mm, Overall height - 2620 mm

Asking price: 75'000 GBP

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