Police & Anti-Roit :Batons

I Type

Glass-fibre reinforced polyester-inserts with PU coating; high abrasion resistance, high continuous bending capacity; retains flexibility to -40° C; good chemical resistance; leather strap

Art.No.: 0410000 Length: 765mm Hand Guard: 65mm

Art.No.: 0410200 Length: 765mm Hand Guard: 95mm

Art.No.: 0410100 Length: 650mm Hand Guard: 65mm

Art.No.: 0410150 Length: 600mm Hand Guard: 65mm

other lengths on request















T Type

Tonfa; 100% Polypropylene; high impact toughness

Grip length: 110 mm

Art. No.: 0410409 Length: 500 mm

Art. No.: 0410410 Length: 550 mm

Art. No.: 0410411 Length: 600 mm

Weight: approx. 300 – 400 g depending on legth







Price upon request.

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