Traffic systems :Diesel Smoke Meter TSDA CO2




Opacity meter and diesel smoke opacity meter is distributary sample type. it equips gas temperature pressure and distributary control cell in order to ensure metrical stability and repeat. It can measure the whole burthen opacity smoke degree continuously and free speedup opacity smoke degree. An innovative product which uses latest technology of world, Vibration & Sound type RPM Sensor, Without help of this technology testing of diesel vehicles was never so easy. It senses engine RPM quickly after attaching it anywhere on engine.
Available in both the options : RPM with Battery Type Tacho Meter or with Magnetic Sensor

Technical Features :

  • Smoke Sampling: Partial Flow
  • Zeroing : Automatic
  • Temperature : Gas Chamber Temperature display
  • Measurement Range % : 0-100 % with 1% Resolution
  • Measurement Range K : 0- 9.99 (0.00) with 0.01 resolution
  • RPM : 300 to 9990 with 10 resolution
  • Data Output : RS232 (Serial Port)
  • Power Requirement : 220 V AC / 12V DC
  • Optional Accessories : Trolley, Printer, Battery/Magnetic RPM, Remote
  • Basic Accessories : Exhaust Pipe, Piezo Sensor, RS232 cable, Electric Cable, Battery Cable, Software CD.
Standard Accessories
  • Sample Probe & Hose
  • Sample Unit
  • Control Unit
  • RPM Unit
  • Oil Temperature Cble
  • RPM Pickup Probe



Asking price: 2100 (GBP).

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