TSSE for Systems & Equipment founded by the beginning of this century, in the year 2000, in the United Kingdom.
TSSE is considered a certified distributer for so many universal companies from around the globe.
Products, promoted by the TSSE experienced team, bring benefit to our customers with compliance with universal safety standards. Our highly valuable customers, with them all we have in strong relations, always get good benefit through the quotations TSSE provides; because of its strong business relations with the manufacturers.
TSSE is looking for more opportunities of building new business relations with world companies on the base of mutual benefit as it provides the best products with the less prices supported by a characteristic after-sale service.
Range of TSSE products includes items such as Traffic Systems, Traffic Variable Messages Screens, Communications Systems, Weapon Systems & Ballistics Identifying Systems, X-Ray Machines, Metal Detectors, Analytic Video Systems, Fire Detectors & Warning Systems, CCTV, Car Plate Recognition Systems, Under-Vehicle Scanners, Visitors Management Solutions, Fencing & Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, ID Printers, VoIP Solutions, LAN Solutions, IT Operational & Security Solutions as of Passports & FingerPrints Systems as well as Services to the customers that demand value, quality services and engineering excellence. We succeed by being responsive, innovative, and customer-focused.
To order any product or just to get a quote, please feel free to contact us through our web and it will be TSSE HIGHEST PLEASURE to satisfy your needs.
General Manager
Mr. John Williams